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The GetPage function is used to fetch the content/properties of one page.

Fetch the page by its Id. This function will return a type Page.


import { getPage } from "@suncel/nextjs/api";

Function signature

const getPage = async (
): Promise<RequestResult<Page>>
  • pageId: Id of the page to fetch

  • options: Optional fetching options (see below)


type GetPageOptions = {
  author?: boolean;
  language?: string;
  fields?: (keyof Page)[];
  excluded_fields?: (keyof Page)[];
  • author: If you want to populate the author information in the result, otherwise you will just received the author id.

  • language: To filter per language

  • fields: Specify which fields to return (used to optimise to size of the request)

  • excluded_fields: Specify which fields to exclude (used to optimise to size of the request) (example: excluded_fields:['content', 'saved-content'],it will remove the content and the historic from the request. it will optimise the result of the query as those 2 fields can be quite large )