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Manual setup

This guide explains how to set up your Suncel project step by step, from scratch.

If you have an already existing NextJS project, adjust the guide related to it.


  • React 18 or more

  • NextJS 12 or more

  • Node: 14 or more

Create NextJS project

To create a NextJS project lets use the nextJS CLI 

npx create-next-app@latest --ts

Get the Suncel Package

npm i @suncel/nextjs

Configure your .env

Suncel dashboard - API section

We need to configure the .env of your project with the keys from your Dashboard.

In the API Section of your project, copy paste your API Key and your Revalidation Secret in your .env as follows:

# .env file


Implement the features

For Suncel to be fully functional with all its features, you will need to implement the following steps: