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How Suncel works ?

Suncel is a CMS based on a no-code content editor that is extremely easy to use. It is designed with a logic of blocks. Blocks that are stacked and can be reused indefinitely.

Suncel works with the web framework Next.js based on ReactJs. And it is recommended to use it with Typescript to have the best developer experience.

The blocks you will develop are simple React components. Each Block will represent a section of the page:

Blocks in page

Suncel API provides the necessary tools to live edit the content within a Block in the page builder.

For multi-page shared data(header, footer) or for storing external data, Suncel makes it easy by providing a data structure that you can configure called the Globals.

We want you to focus on the essential parts without wasting time on setup. So will take care of the following:

  • The page rendering.

  • The page preview.

  • The generation of the page's path.

  • The sitemap generation.

  • The Meta data, thanks to our SEO popup in the page builder.