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Page revalidation

In order for a page to be statically regenerated after an update, the page needs to be revalidated.

Revalidation via API

Suncel uses the Preview API from Next.js to manage previews.

In the api folder of your project, create the files revalidate.ts 

Revalidate API folder

Revalidate code

Insert the following code in the revalidate.ts file.

// pages/api/revalidate.ts file

import type { NextApiRequest, NextApiResponse } from "next";

export default async function handler(req: NextApiRequest, res: NextApiResponse) {
  // Check for secret to confirm this is a valid request
  if (req.query.secret !== process.env.SUNCEL_REVALIDATE_SECRET || req.query.path === undefined) {
    return res.status(401).json({ message: "Invalid token" });

  try {
    // this should be the actual path not a rewritten path
    // e.g. for "/blog/[slug]" this should be "/blog/post-1"
    await res.revalidate(req.query.path as string);
    return res.json({ revalidated: true });
  } catch (err) {
    // If there was an error, Next.js will continue
    // to show the last successfully generated page
    return res.status(500).send("Error revalidating");

Do not forget to configure the SUNCEL_REVALIDATE_SECRET variable in the .env file

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