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You can give access to the administration interface to several users. Each user can have different rights. Here are the permissions you can give to a user :

  • Create page : the user can create a new page. This new page has by default a "draft" status and is not publicly visible

  • Draft page : the user can modify a page and save it in draft status. The changes on the page are not published publicly

  • Publish page : after saving the draft, the page is published. The changes are visibly public.

  • Unpublish page : the page is no longer accessible on its url. It remains however accessible and modifiable from the Suncel admin.

  • Delete page : the page is deleted. It is no longer accessible from its url. It is no longer visible from the administrator space. Its deletion is final.

  • Update a page settings : this allows you to modify information such as the name of the page, its url, the tag associated with the page or the folder in which the page is located.

A user can as well have different roles :

  • Owner : only one per project. The owner is the one that creates the project and is able to subscribe and pay plans

  • Admin : have all other permissions

  • Editor : cannot add new user and assign them roles. Can edit social networks parameters. Can check the usage limits, see Plans. 

Who can change the access rights ?

On, you can be a project owner, project admin or project editor.

In order to modify the rights of a user, you must be owner or admin. If you are not, ask the admin or the owner of the project to modify your rights.

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