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Managing your sitemap with Suncel allows you to save a lot of time. Let's see how !


Suncel manages the sitemap linked to all the pages designed and published in the editor. If you have other pages within your application and they are not edited via Suncel, it is not a problem, you can make several sitemaps cohabit (it is the developer who decides sitemap names and nested sitemaps when setting up the application).

Here are some important information to know about how the sitemap works with Suncel:

  • only the published pages appear in the sitemap, the pages in draft do not appear there

  • as soon as a page is published, it is added to the sitemap

  • as soon as a page is unpublished, it is removed from the sitemap

  • as soon as a page is updated, the date of update is indicated in the sitemap (<lastmod> </lastmod> tag)

The information about the frequency of change of the page as well as its importance can also be defined with Frequency and Priority fields :

seo sitemap priority frequency