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Structured data is a powerful tool to improve your SEO. Suncel makes it easy for you to generate structured data. 

Available Schema types

You can currently edit Schema of type Article and FAQ. Other schemas will be available soon. If important schemas are missing, they can be added by your developer. To learn more about structured data, check this page.

seo schema structured data


This is the most commonly used Schema type. If you do not use any other Schema, always fill in a Schema of type article.

Attention, if you change the slug of the page (and therefore the url), do not forget to change the URL in the field Article general then Url.

To learn more about Article structured data, please check this page.

seo schema article


You can add questions / answers (FAQ). These questions/answers will then be transcribed in JSON format (structured data). Google and other search engines will be able to use them for FAQ snippets for example, which will improve the visibility of your site in search results.

To learn more about FAQ structured data, check this page.

seo schema structured data faq