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Advanced features

The advanced tab allows you to define certain characteristics of your page, for the search engine robots.


You can add several tags to indicate some specificities of the page:

  • No index : do not show this page, media, or resource in search results.

  • No follow : do not follow the links on this page.

  • No archive : do not show a cached link in search results.

  • No snippet : do not show a text snippet or video preview in the search results for this page.

  • No translate : don't offer translation of this page in search results.

  • No image index : do not index images on this page.

To learn more, please consult this page.

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Canonical URL

In the Google search console, you can have alerts related to canonical URLs.

This is especially the case when the same page is accessible from multiple URLs, or when several pages have very similar content and you want to link them to a canonical URL.

This field will help you solve this problem by defining the canonical URL of the page.

If you don't do this, Google will choose a canonical URL itself and other pages that it considers to have very similar content will be crawled less often. Ideally, define yourself what is the canonical URL of the page you are editing.


Please check the dedicated page.