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Pages allow you to publish your content via a system of overlapping blocks.

Pages are initially empty, but can be duplicated from another page to save time in creating your content.

How to create a page ?

To create a page, click on the + Page button.

create a page

This will open a popup where you will need to fill in several items:

  • The name of the page. It is only used to organize the pages in the Suncel admin

  • The slug : it's the name of the page in the url. The slug is very important for your SEO.

  • The switch Is root indicates that this page is at the root of the folder in which it is located. Its slug will therefore be empty.

  • Parent is the folder where the page is located. The url of the page will depend on the folder in which it is located

  • Tag : visual tool to allow you to better identify certain categories of page in the Suncel admin

create page popup

How to create a page in a specific locale ?

if you use several languages on your site, it is necessary to first select the language in which you want to create your content. Then click on +Page and the page will be created in the desired language.

The urls are automatically managed according to the chosen language (see our page on Locales for more details).

create page in a specific locale

How to modify a page ?

If you want to edit the content of a page, click on it or on Edit the page, the editor will open and you will be able to edit, save and publish the content.

If you want to change the name of the page, its slug (its url), its tag or its location (the folder it is in), click on Edit settings, then make your changes.

Caution! Any change of slug leads to a change of url. If links exist to the page you are modifying, you will also have to modify the links, otherwise they will point to a page in 404 error.

edit a page

How to duplicate a page ?

To speed up the production of your content, it is possible to duplicate a page.

The page will have exactly the same content as the copied page. You will have to make some adjustments :

  • modify the slug so that the url of the page is not the same as the copied page

  • modify the content according to the adjustments you want to make

  • modify the SEO, since some fields may contain the url of the copied page (which must be modified)

duplicate a page

How to publish a page ?

After editing the content of a page you can publish it. This will make it accessible via its url. It will also be added in the sitemap. To publish a page you can do it from the editor or from the menu accessible on the page in the admin, click on Publish.

Once the page is published, don't forget to feed it in the Google Search Console so that it will be indexed faster.

publish a page

How to unpublish a page ?

To unpublish a page, open the menu for the page from the admin, then click on Unpublish.

This will make the page inaccessible from its url. It will also be removed from the sitemap.

Be careful, if links from other pages point to the page that has just been unpublished, it will be necessary to remove these links to avoid 404 errors.

unpublish page

How to delete a page ?

If you want to permanently delete a page, you can click on Delete. Be careful, the page will be permanently deleted and no return will be possible. A popup will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Once the confirmation is given, the page is permanently deleted.

Be careful if other pages have links to the deleted page. In this case it will be useful to remove these links to avoid 404 errors.

delete a page