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The storage of images, pdf or other resources is important for the content of a site.

Suncel offers an asset storage solution that is easily accessible from the content editor.

How to add an asset ?

To add and save a new asset, go to the Assets category of the admin. Click on + Asset and upload the file.

In the same way as for pages, there is a system of folders that allows you to organize the assets. You can select the folder where the asset will be located.

If your asset is an image, fill in the Alt field. This will allow you to have the Alt field pre-filled each time the image is inserted in a page block.

add asset

What is the maximum size ?

There is a size limit for uploaded files. This limit depends on the Suncel plan you have subscribed to.

Please refer to our pricing page for more details.

What type of file can I upload?

You can upload any type of file. There is no filter for file extensions. The uploaded files must however comply with our terms and conditions.

How to delete an asset ?

To delete a file, click on Delete. To delete a file, click on Delete. Be careful, the file will be permanently deleted.

Beware if pages point to this file, it is no longer accessible, their SEO could be negatively impacted if you do not remove the link to this file or an image could be displayed broken if it is an image.

delete asset

Where are the assets stored ?

Assets are stored on Aws EU (Paris) eu-west-3.